Cummins Inc.

Sustainability + Performance. Rooted in decades of research and innovation, Cummins is at the forefront of low-carbon technologies. As leaders in battery, fuel cell, and hydrogen-production technologies, Cummins is steering the way to a brighter tomorrow. Cummins’ hydrogen fuel cells and battery-powered options produce no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases while in use, making them sustainable, emission-cutting options. Low-carbon energy are easily integrated and scalable solutions.

About Us

Cummins Inc., founded in Columbus, Indiana in 1919, is innovating for its customers to power their success through integrity, diversity and inclusion, caring, excellence, and teamwork. Everything we have done over the last 100 years has built our global brand. It is who we are. It is something we celebrate and protect.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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