Intertie Inc

A Bay Area-based clean energy technology company developing and deploying productized microgrids that transform commercial properties into renewable energy assets. Intertie’s AI-powered energy management software platform lowers costs and boosts revenue by equipping buildings to store energy and distribute it when it’s most beneficial. The Company’s patented underground storage technology, the ChargePod, removes spacing constraints allowing batteries to be located with minimal footprint.

About Us

Intertie Inc. was founded to solve grid constraints that hinder the deployment of a convenient fast charging network. In 2018 the Company developed the EV ChargePod™ that DC-coupled a fast charger to an underground battery. When CA removed demand charges to spur EV adoption, the value of the battery-boosted fast charging evaporated. The space-saving underground storage was expanded to anchor microgrids and Intertie pivoted to design, build and operate microgrids. Intertie innovated a new microgrid architecture that DC-couples solar, shall DC-couple an ultrafast charger (using the CEC award) and connects bidirectionally to the grid via small connection.

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