LiCAP Technologies, INC

iCAP Technologies is a global leader in engineering and manufacturing of energy storage devices using Activated Dry Electrode® technology. With a relentless commitment to advancement, LICAP's technology pushes the boundaries of battery technology - offering cost reduction, extended lifespan, and exceptional performance. LiCAP is revolutionizing industries from renewable energy to electric vehicles.

About Us

LiCAP Technologies is a pioneer in revolutionizing energy storage solutions for a sustainable future. With relentless commitment and passion for innovation, we specialize in developing cutting-edge, high-performance battery technologies that redefine efficiency and reliability. Our team of experts work tirelessly to address the world's energy challenges through advanced materials, intelligent design, and eco-friendly manufacturing. Committed to excellence, we strive to empower industries and individuals with smart energy solutions that enhance energy storage and reduce environmental impact. Powering Progress, Powering You.

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