Paired Power

Offering 100% solar DC Fast chargers for public and private fleets and public/rural charging locations where grid service is limited or constrained. Eligible for federal and state incentives, which provides lowest total cost of ownership for DC Fast charging. Committed to transportation electrification with 100% renewable energy.

About Us

Paired Power, Inc. is a 100% solar EV charging infrastructure provider. Paired Power delivers a critical solution to the overall EV charging infrastructure ecosystem. Our patented solar DC chargers are able to support grid-edge, micro-grid, and off-grid charging solutions for public and private fleets and off-road/rural public charging sites. Our clean energy team has over 20 years in solar and energy storage industries delivering over 6 GW of renewable energy projects across 35 U.S. States.

Awards We've Won

CEC EPIC GFO-20-304 Grant: $4,000,000

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