Advanced Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Low-GWP Refrigerant Conversion at the Jessie Lord Bakery Facility

This project will replace an R-22 refrigeration system with a CO2/Ammonia based refrigeration system, update a large burner system, and other efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption, R-22 leakage, and reduce GHG emissions.

Jessie Lord Bakery, LLC


Torrance, CA

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The Issue

This project is to address three major systems that require replacement or energy saving improvements. The steam boiler requires a new steam trap and installing a stack economizer shall reduce overall natural gas consumption. The refrigeration system leaks at approximately 14% of the 50,000 lbs of R-22 refrigerant per year. The refrigeration system also could benefit from variable frequency drives and insulation improvements to further reduce electricity consumption. The baking oven burner system is inefficient, modernization of this equipment is an opportunity to further reduce GHG emissions.

Project Innovation

This project will replace and retrofit inefficient equipment with commercially available, drop-in, high-efficiency equipment that shall reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and equipment downtime at a pie production facility. Further, the project will replace existing high-GWP refrigerants with low-GWP refrigerants.

Project Benefits

This project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by installing high-efficiency refrigeration and steam system equipment.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

This project is expected to reduce GHG emissions by approximately 6,779 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year and NOx emissions by approximately 10.7 tons per year.

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