Advancing California’s Electricity Resource Planning Tools to Assess and Improve Climate Resilience

Lumen Energy Strategy, LLC


Oakland, CA

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Project will develop new inputs, assumptions, and tools to capture the impacts of climate change on electricity supply and demand of the electricity system in transition. This will include re-parameterization of tools used in currently used in California's electricity system planning to reflect historic and projected climate data, as well as creating a novel probabilistic loss-of-load resilience evaluation model. This latter model will assess different types of climate-linked resilience events at geographically granular level, and be publicly available for stakeholder user. In addition the project will evaluate the resilience of state resource planning output portfolios. These products and processes will advance the state’s electricity resource planning model framework to reflect the impact of climate projections and environmental extremes on electricity supply, demand, and the resulting resilience of electricity service to ratepayers.

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Mariko Geronimo

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