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The California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub will provide large commercial and institutional customers the information they need to purchase advanced distributed energy resource (DER) products through their procurement processes.

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Project Update

In 2021, the recipient continued with product testing, including the Phase 1 and Phase 2 product categories. A key highlight from this past year has been the soft launch of the Cal-EPE Hub website. The website currently features results for plug loads and CO2 sensor products. In 2022 the project team looks to wrap up some of the Phase 2 product testing, and to continue to update the Hub website with completed results for other technologies as they become available. The team will also work to begin on their Phase 3 evaluations, which is expected to include Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Lighting.

The Issue

Large customers responsible for procurement contracting are often times overwhelmed by the many choices and uncertainties surrounding advanced distributed energy resource (DER) technologies. New technologies entering the marketplace often lack rigorous, real-world evaluations that prioritize customer needs, leaving customers without pertinent details required to make better, more informed purchase decisions. This can add significant time and costs to the procurement process and deter customers from pursuing advanced DER solutions.

Project Innovation

This project will develop the California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub to conduct and disseminate evaluations of advanced DER products relevant to large commercial and institutional customers through a web-based buyer's guide. To accomplish this, the recipient will: (1) determine Cal-EPE Hub user (i.e. large commercial and institutional customers) needs; (2) develop a list of product categories to evaluate based on user needs; (3) develop evaluation guidelines and methodologies; (4) acquire (through purchase or donation) and evaluate products from product categories; and (5) develop a web-based Buyer's Guide, which will contain the results of product evaluations and related information and documentation.

Project Benefits

The California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub will increase the adoption of advanced DER technology products in the marketplace by disseminating reliable and independent product evaluations to large commercial and institutional customers, through a web-based buyer's guide, which will help these customers more confidently select the DER technology they require with their procurement process.

Consumer Appeal

Consumer Appeal

The California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub will increase consumer confidence that the DER technology solutions they are procuring are "best-in-class".

Lower Costs


The California Energy Product Evaluation (Cal-EPE) Hub will reduce vendor noise that can add significant time and cost to procurement of DER solutions.

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Theresa Pistochini

Engineering Manager



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