CAlifornia-made Sustainable and Cost-effective Activated Dry Electrode (CASCADE)

LICAP Technologies aims to demonstrate a sustainable, cost effective and scalable solution to battery electrodes manufacturing using Activated Dry ElectrodeTM technology for Li-Ion batteries.

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LICAP Technologies Inc. will build an LRIP pilot line in Sacramento, CA for battery electrode production using LICAP's innovative Activated Dry Electrode process. LICAP's patented electrode production process offers significant advantages over the the traditional "weg coating" process including lower energy consumption, reduced amount of CO2 emissions, lower manufacturing footprint, improved battery performance, and elimination of toxic solvents from electrode manufacturing. This line will be capable of producing 100MWh/y and prove the technical and economic feasibility of cost-effective sustainable lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing and demonstrate energy efficiency increase by at least 75%, CO2 emissions decrease by 75%, manufacturing footprint reduction of at least 38%, and EV battery cost reduction by up to $500 per pack.

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Areeb Sadiq

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