Demonstrating a Long-duration Flywheel Energy Storage System

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Project Update

The project has shifted from a below-surface grade flywheel to an above-ground containerized solution. This change allows for much quicker and less expensive installation at the customer sites. The first containerized solution unit #1 has arrived at the Amber Kinetics test facility in King City, CA. Flywheel rotor over-speed tests are scheduled for March 2024, and then upon successful quality assurance testing, will go to the Rapid Integration and Commercialization Unit (RICU) at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. At the RICU, the flywheel solution will be subject to technical tests per the project use cases and then approved by the CEC. The initial containerized solution unit 1 will then be shipped and installed at the Viejas project site during Q3 2024, for live environment operations that also meet the technical requirements per the use cases. Containerized units 2-5 will then be ordered. Electric Power Research Institute will be conducting the third-party analysis. All of 2025 is scheduled for measurement and verification of the flywheels at the Viejas project site with the final reports and commercialization activities planned for late 2025.

The Issue

Long-duration storage of electrical energy is essential for the state to improve resiliency in the supply of power, particularly to address curtailment or respond to an unplanned grid outage, or planned Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Native American Tribes are often located in remote areas that are prone to outages where storage could provide critical functions such as increased resiliency and cost savings. This project will use a kinetic energy storage device that can provide a minimum of 10 hours of energy storage capability at a minimum rating of 50 kilowatts. One key research objective is to better understand the value that longer duration energy storage provides.

Project Innovation

The Recipient will install a practical and low-cost kinetic energy flywheel energy storage system and a solar photovoltaic (PV) array to provide energy to the Viejas Tribal Land. The device consists of a rotating disk that is spun up by a motor to store energy; switching the motor to generation mode causes the disk to spin down and discharge energy to the load. Long duration is achieved by using an innovative technology that employs a large rotor with sufficient inertia to store the required energy with very low loss by employing a proprietary electromagnetic off-loading arrangement. The project will prepare a Multi-Unit Operation Report that describes the layout, instrumentation used, and Measurement and Verification data.

Project Goals

Demonstrate Long-Duration Capabilities of the KESC NextGen Flywheel.
Paired with Solar PV, provide a minimum of 10% savings for the Viejas Water Treatment Facility.
Provide the foundation for a Viejas Reservation-wide Microgrid.

Project Benefits

The primary project benefit will be increasing reliability to the Viejas Water Treatment Facility and their 24 hour Emergency Medivac Facility, while decreasing their annual electric costs by 25%. Additional benefits of the project will be #1) understanding the value and impact of long-duration flywheels in rural or remote locations, #2) understanding the value of long-duration flywheels integrated into a renewable energy microgrid.

Greater Reliability


This Agreement will provide Native American Tribes and their communities increased reliability and resiliency services during times of power interruptions caused by weather, grid system failures, or public safety power shutoffs by demonstrating the use of a kinetic energy storage device to provide power during these identified events.

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Henry Boulley

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