Deploying Energy Efficient Equipment at Multiple Bimbo Bakeries Facilities

This project will increase energy efficiency at four of Bimbo Bakery facilities. New motors will be installed at the Sacramento facility, while smaller and more efficient boilers will be installed at the Escondido, Placentia, Sacramento and

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Project Status

Project Update

The Muira Boilers are being installed at the Montebello facility, Commissioning is expected to be completed by Mid June 2022.

The Issue

On-site industrial emissions represent about one-quarter of California’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. There is significant scope to reduce consumption of natural gas by food processors through more efficient boilers and related equipment like economizers and waste heat recovery. The indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity can also be mitigated through more efficient industrial equipment. However, businesses cannot justify the large upfront costs of equipment upgrades without sufficient demonstration and verification of benefits. Often upgrading existing equipment to more energy-efficient versions is not a high priority for food processors and typically does not occur until the equipment reaches the end of its lifetime. The current boilers and motors are extremely dated and would benefit from replacement to increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity and natural gas use.

Project Innovation

Project Goals

The goals are to reduce natural gas and electricity consumption at the Recipient’s baking facilities.
Share results of replacement results with other food processors.
Demonstrate lower fuel and maintenance costs with new energy efficient systems.

Project Benefits

Economic Development

Economic Development

Increase competitiveness of California food processing industry.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

Will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutant emissions through lower natural gas and electricity consumption.

Key Project Members

Project Member

Kevin Yavari

Technical Leader / Project Manager
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Project Member

Jeanie Mar

Commission Agreement Manager

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