Emerging Energy Public Health Research Roadmap

Identifying public health impacts from emerging energy technologies


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In 2017, the research team held 22 meetings with 34 experts throughout the energy, life cycle assessment, health, labor, and environmental justice field for total for over 30 hours. The team also created a growing database of peer-reviewed and grey literature. As of December 2017, the database houses 165 documents on Emerging Electricity-Generating Systems and related health and equity topics. Workshops were conducted in spring and summer of 2017 to obtain inputs. The research roadmap was published in fall 2017.

The Issue

The energy system is rapidly evolving under efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop resilience to climate impacts. The rapid evolution of the energy system may yield unexpected public health impacts unless proactive measures are taken to identify potential health risks and develop strategies to avoid undesirable impacts.

Project Innovation

This research develops a research needs assessment that focuses on the known and potential public health impacts of emerging energy systems. The needs assessment is based on consultation with experts in emerging energy systems and occupational and environmental health (OEH) and with stakeholder representatives from labor, business, government, and community-based organizations.

Project Benefits

This report establishes a public health research roadmap aimed at anticipating and preventing potential unintended health impacts of emerging electricity generating, storing, and distributing systems (EES). Research recommendations were prioritized and presented in this roadmap.

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Linda Rudolph

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