Establishing a Long-Term Natural Gas Research Strategy to Achieve Aggressive Statewide Carbon Neutrality Goals

This project will produce prioritized research recommendations to help transition California to a net-zero carbon natural gas system.


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The Issue

In September 2018, Governor Edmund G Brown Jr. set in motion two of the most ambitious climate targets in history by signing senate bill (SB) 100 and issuing Executive Order B-55-18. SB 100 requires that all retail sales of electricity in California be renewable or zero-carbon while Executive Order B-55-18 sets a goal that the entire California economy achieve carbon neutrality. The target dates for both goals is 2045. Consistent with program goals and previous research planning, the CEC must explore the role of the Natural Gas Research Program in meeting these new landmark climate goals. These goals require an aggressive and targeted approach.

Project Innovation

The purpose of this Agreement is to produce a long-term natural gas research strategy to help decarbonize California by 2045. The strategy is expected to produce prioritized research recommendations that include all stages in the supply chain (production, transmission, storage, and distribution for low carbon fuels) and all natural gas end use sectors, except for utility-scale power generation. These recommendations will inform future research on technology development, deployment, and demonstration in the California Energy Commission's Natural Gas Research Program to help transition to a net-zero carbon natural gas system.

Project Benefits

This project will provide recommendations that will inform future research in the California Energy Commission's Natural Gas Research Program with the goal of leading to technological advancements or breakthroughs to overcome barriers to transitioning to a net-zero carbon natural gas system.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

Transitioning to a net-zero carbon natural gas system will result in significant, long-term greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emission reductions.

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