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The Issue

Food processing is an energy intensive process that offers room for technology advancement with energy efficient processes as well as recapture of waste heat. However, the energy solutions present cost barriers. Industrial boilers are made to be durable, which makes them expensive but long lasting. Investing in more efficient boilers is costly, and it is a challenging investment when the existing technology has significant useful life remaining.

Project Innovation

This project will install a series of energy efficient upgrades and control programs to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The equipment to be installed through this project will include boiler economizers, motor speed controls, deaerator tank, and hot water recovery system. Along with the installed equipment, control optimization will be added to the boiler and refrigeration systems improve the equipment efficiency. Measurement and verification phases will be conducted to validate energy savings and GHG emission reductions.

Project Benefits

This project will accelerate the adoption of energy efficient upgrades at several Foster Farms' food processing facilities. By upgrading aging and inefficient equipment, the food processing facilities will reduce their energy consumption which will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

This project will reduce GHG emissions by 3,128 MT CO2e/year.



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