High Safety, Wide-operation-temperature, Low-cost All Solid-state Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Project Update

In 2022, the Solid Energies Team setup the initial foundation for process development for the proposed all solid state Li-ion batteries. This included the initial formulation for the all solid state battery focusing on solid electrolyte, and initial optimizations in process parameters and steps. In 2023, the Solid Energies Team will complete the optimizations in formulation and process parameters/steps to finalize the all solid state battery prototypes in the pouch cell format. In 2023, the Solid Energies Team will also start the processing scale-up of the pouch cell prototypes and begin to design and setup the pilot production line for producing pouch cell prototypes.

The Issue

The first issue that this project aims to resolve include validating the applications of all solid state batteries for eventual use in energy storage for commercial buildings as well as electric vehicle drive applications. The second issue that this project aims to resolve is identifying manufacturing processes to scale solid state batteries from small pouch cells to large pouch cells, and eventually into larger battery pack systems. By doing so, this will further confirm that indeed solid state batteries can be easily scaled up for mass manufacturing, at low costs.

Project Innovation

The purpose of this agreement is to develop and integrate a new class of all-solid-state Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery (ASSLiB) cells with higher power density, better manufacturability, and longer cycle life. These batteries will be designed for use in commercial buildings and other applications such as electrical vehicle solutions. The battery uses a novel solid-state electrolyte with high conductivity that is compatible with roll to roll manufacturing. The battery technology also uses a Si-based anode to reduce anode cost and address dendrite formation.

Project Benefits

Several benefits for this project include: (1) development and manufacturing of a polymer nanocomposite based electrolyte for use in solid state batteries, (2) development and manufacturing of the entire solid state battery including selection of the cathode, anode, and electrolyte, (3) scale up of the batteries from small pouch cells to large pouch cells and eventual large battery modules, and packs, (4) further scale up of larger solid state battery systems that can ultimately offer enhanced cycle life, calendar life, performance, safety, wide temperature operation, and minimal thermal management. The benefits will help transform the solid state battery industry by incorporating Solid Energies Inc. know-how to move this technology to the next level.

Lower Costs


Increasing energy density of batteries can reduce costs and improve performance of end-use applications such as consumer electronics or electric vehicles.

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