Hy2green - Electrolytic Hydrogen Energy Storage Using Novel Metal Hydrides

The project will test and validate the performance of metal hydride hydrogen energy storage.

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Project Update

The project is anticipated to go to the April 2021 CEC business meeting.

The Issue

California's energy storage market is dominated by lithium-ion energy storage technologies designed for four hour duration. An increasing need to make better use of renewable generation and the increase in grid outages from wildfires and public safety power shutoffs has increased the need for safer, longer duration energy storage.

Project Innovation

This project will field test a small-scale skid mounted Hy2green hydrogen energy storage system integrated with solar PV renewable generation at an existing anaerobic digestion facility. The project will test the Hy2green hydrogen system's metal hydride hydrogen storage performance and optimize the energy management systems. The project will validate the ability of metal hydrides to store hydrogen in a long duration energy storage application, and gather lessons learned to inform future deployments of metal hydride energy storage, a technology with the potential to support California's energy goals.

Project Benefits

Hydrogen energy systems provide a new set of energy storage solutions to meet California's energy goals. For long duration energy storage applications, one challenge is the volume required for the storage of hydrogen gas. Conventional electrolytic hydrogen systems compress the hydrogen and store it at pressure in a tank. The electrolytic generation of hydrogen and storage of hydrogen in metal hydrides has the potential for hydrogen to be stored at a fraction of the pressure and volume of a comparable compressed hydrogen gas storage tank.

Increase Safety


Gaseous hydrogen is commonly compressed and stored at high pressures, up to 700bar, to reduce the physical size of tank required for hydrogen storage. Storage of high pressure hydrogen for long duration energy storage applications raises potential safety concerns, especially when deployed at scale. The pressurized electrolyzer and metal hydride hydrogen storage system that will be tested in this project will remove the requirement for an external compressor and lower the pressure of hydrogen in the systems to 40bar.

Energy Security

Energy Security

Hydrogen technologies have the potential to provide long duration energy storage for electrical resiliency at lower costs than lithium ion technologies. Additionally energy stored as hydrogen may be flexibly integrated with other energy needs such as for use as a transport fuel. Hydrogen storage of energy can provide energy security for multiple applications using the same hydrogen infrastructure.

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