Integrating Building-Scale Solar + Storage Advanced Technologies Maximizing Value to Customer and the Distribution Grid

Integrating high efficiency solar and storage technologies to create a community energy system at a low-income mobile home park.

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.


Palo Alto, CA

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Project Status

Project Update

The project has been completed. Results analysis is underway along with the development of the final report and presentation.

The Issue

Regulatory and economic factors in California have accelerated penetration of rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) in the small commercial segment, benefitting facility managers in energy savings while helping to achieve California's renewable goals. However, uncontrolled and uncoordinated renewable generation creates issues with stability and reliability of the distribution grid. Given that implementation of PV, storage, and energy efficiency and energy management systems (EMS) technologies are typically siloed, synergistic benefits are difficult to realize. An integrated Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management approach is needed to balance commercial customer and grid requirements.

Project Innovation

This project assesses the performance and benefits of integrated solar PV and storage along with advanced energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed energy resource management technologies in a commercial building setting. The goal is to leverage the synergies of integrated and controllable components to improve distribution grid stability and reliability while also enabling the commercial customer to reduce both capital costs and operational and management costs for optimal value.

Project Goals

Integrated solar+storage+smart inverter+load management to achieve cost-effective solar integration and commercialization
Reduce building peak load by 50%, combining solar, optimized energy storage operation, load management and smart inverter
Develop/deploy optimized operation through OpenBATS to coordinate solar, storage and building loads.

Project Benefits

Reduces grid stress and electricity demand during system peak, improves distribution capacity utilization, and reduces costs of distribution network upgrades.

Consumer Appeal

Consumer Appeal

Provides commercial customers with greater ability to manage energy with off-the-shelf technologies.

Lower Costs


Reduces grid stress and expensive peak generation at during system peak, improves distribution capacity utilization, and reduces costs of distribution network upgrades.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

Helps reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions associated with grid power, particularly when off-setting peak power.

Greater Reliability


This project demonstrates reducing peak load in response to grid operator needs. If scaled, projects like this could help address over-generation periods and steep ramps in the evening by smart (dis)charging.

Key Project Members

Peng	Zhao

Peng Zhao

Principal Engineer
Sunil	Chhaya

Sunil Chhaya

Senior Tech Executive
Electric Power Research Institute



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R&B Technology (USA) Company, Inc.


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