LEED: A Lightwave Energy-Efficient Datacenter Phase 2

The Regents of the University of California, San Diego


La Jolla, CA

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The Issue

If current trends continue, the energy used in datacenters will be a substantial fraction of the overall energy used in the country. Current data centers are not energy efficient because the network cannot deliver enough bandwidth to each server. This results in significant energy inefficiencies.

Project Innovation

The purpose of this project is to continue development the optical rotor switch technology for energy efficient datacenters. This technology has the potential to double the energy efficiency of data centers through significant increased data processing efficiency and from reduced data center cooling requirements by switching from an electrical resistor system to a light transmitting system.

Project Goals

Double the energy efficiency of a datacenter as measured by the amount of energy to do a specific amount of work.

Project Benefits

This project could lead to technological advancement in lightwave technology for datacenters. It could double the efficiency of datacenters by increasing the speed of response and reducing energy input. It could also reduce the amount of heat produced from servers and thus lessen the datacenter cooling requirements.

Consumer Appeal

Consumer Appeal

This technology uses optical switches in the server hub, to increase data transferring speeds and energy efficiency. Using light signals with a rotor switch reduces the amount of heat produced in the data center, which in turn reduces the amount of cooling energy required for datacenters.

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