Los Angeles Regional Energy Innovation Cluster

Los Angeles' entrpereneurial hub for clean energy technologies.

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Project Update

In 2021, the LA Regional Energy Innovation Cluster (LA REIC) was awarded follow-on funding from the CEC to continue their program another five years. In 2021, LA REIC accepted its sixth cohort of portfolio companies to receive services, for a total of seventy-one startups who have engaged with this program to date. The program will continue to provide important technical and business services such as speaking and networking opportunities, access to business development resources, awareness of funding opportunities, and connections to local energy stakeholders. As of February 2022, startups receiving services from this program have received $69,103,327 in follow-on funding with 5 of the startups being acquired by larger organizations. Additionally, these startups have created 394 new green jobs since the start of the agreement.

The Issue

The Los Angeles region lacks the necessary coordination of technical, business, and social support services for clean energy researchers and entrepreneurs to develop clean energy innovations and the business opportunities resulting from them. This lack of organizational support prevents the Los Angeles region from clearly understanding the best direction for its clean energy economy. A coordinated effort is needed to determine regional energy needs, foster the size and strength of its current clean energy ecosystem, and provide a full, curated range of technical and commercialization services that are currently not available for clean energy entrepreneurs.

Project Innovation

This project establishes the Los Angeles Regional Energy Innovation Cluster to act as a regional hub of the clean energy ecosystem and to give promising clean energy entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties direct access to the region's top technical, business, outreach, and commercialization support services. This project assesses and addresses the region's energy needs by making use of and expanding resources for entrepreneurs and startups, including facilities, coaching, business support, speaking and networking engagements, and information about funding opportunities, all through connections facilitated by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

Project Goals

Expand IOU ratepayers’ access to beneficial new clean energy innovations.
Support Los Angeles region’s fulfillment of California’s statutory energy goals.
Accelerate clean energy technologies development & commercialization to overcome the industry barriers.
Seek and connect the region’s clean energy sector stakeholders at the county-level.

Project Benefits

This project will benefit California IOU electricity ratepayers through the increased probability of commercialization and deployment of a portfolio of technologies that can reduce electricity costs, decrease peak demand, and improve system reliability and safety. This project will also support technologies based on the regional energy market needs and engage a diverse group of clean energy stakeholders to provide the support, network, and resources needed for accelerated clean energy commercialization.

Lower Costs


This project will reduce the time and cost of new energy technology development by providing entrepreneurs with access to facilities, resources, and services needed to commercialize their innovation.

Economic Development

Economic Development

The services provided by this cluster will support the development of local companies and job creation, and further develop the clean energy economy throughout the Los Angeles region. To date, a total of fifty-eight startups empl

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