Mainstreaming Personal Comfort Devices: Enabling Modular Personal Controls for a Wide Range of Energy and Comfort Applications


The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Berkeley campus


Berkeley, CA

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The project will 1) develop and test two new PCDs using a) a new nanostructured carbon heating fabric for leg/feet/hand warming, b) thermoelectric devices (TE) for hand warming and cooling, and c) an infra-red LED device for radiantly heating hands efficiently; 2) develop a Personal Control Hub with sensors, fan, and network including automated thermal preference learning, 3) create and test the customizable Personal Control Ecosystem that integrates the PC Hub with other PCDs, other devices, and/or building management system, and 4) create a web-based PCD Design Guidebook for HVAC engineers and real estate managers to specify the best PCD for their application and context.

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Therese Peffer

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