NextWind Real-time Monitoring System

Digital representation of a floating offshore wind installation enabling improvements in production optimization, operations and maintenance, levelized cost of energy, and assessment and mitigation of potential environmental impacts.

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In this project, Aker Offshore Wind (a Mainstream Renewable Power company) in partnership with Cognite, and with specialized expertise and support in ecological consulting from H. T. Harvey & Associates developed an architecture for the digital representation of an offshore wind asset in an industrial DataOps platform. The project’s purpose is to explore how a Digital Twin application can be applied to a FOSW project to address the challenges of reducing operational expenditures and increasing awareness of how a FOSW installation interacts with the surrounding environment. The NextWind Solution utilizes available data for the overall wind farm integrity management and conditioning monitoring in real-time, as well as wildlife interactions to detect and develop strategies to minimize environmental interactions and reduce the cost of providing this renewable resource. This project explores the range of systems integrity data collected in real time—twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week—and conducts analysis to determine if and how systems diagnostic data can improve our understanding of environmental interactions between floating offshore wind farms and the surrounding ecosystem. The work for this project has concluded. The project team will work on finalizing the final report.

The Issue

One of the challenges for the offshore wind industry is to develop a strategy for how to leverage environmental and technology monitoring data -- including real-time data -- to support deployment planning, operations, maintenance, and environmental mitigation measures.

Project Innovation

This agreement aims to establish a digital representation - or digital twin - of a floating offshore wind installation, enabling continuous improvements in production optimization, lower levelized cost of energy, and improved understanding of potential environmental impacts and associated mitigation measures.

Project Benefits

The configuration of a digital platform that processes real-time data from offshore wind operations can help reduce the leveled cost of energy via reduced operation and maintenance costs and also improve understanding of and mitigation of potential environmental impacts.

Lower Costs


A proactive maintenance system will lower cost of perform maintenance tasks by avoiding mobilizing unplanned and very expensive and inefficient offshore operations to rectify issues.

Greater Reliability


This platform will facilitate the reduction of unplanned shutdowns with advanced prediction models, which will offer increased overall annual energy production and greater consistency in power output.

Increase Safety


Remote monitoring of offshore wind farms will reduce unplanned and risky corrective maintenance operations, and thereby reduce risk for maintenance workers.

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Kamil Siddiqi

Technical Manager
Aker Offshore Wind



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