Pacific Coast Producers Air Compressor Efficiency Project

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The Issue

Compressed air is used throughout the recipient's tomato processing plant in process equipment, boilers, and mechanic shops. Having consistent flows and pressures is critical to quality food processing. Most processes in tomato processing utilize compress air to sterilize, move, heat and evaporate tomatoes. Using compressed air as efficiently as possible. The current compressed air system is comprised of four air compressors. A 300 hp, 200 hp a 100 and an existing very inefficient 150 hp unit. The current system is mostly disconnected, and each unit operates it's own unloader with poor response times typical between units.

Project Innovation

This project will optimize an existing compressed air system by installing a high efficiency air compressor, air dryer, filters, variable frequency drives, and a larger air storage tank which enables lower system pressure that requires less energy to maintain at the recipient's tomato processing facility. This project will result in reduced electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and operating costs.

Project Benefits

This project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing an exiting compressed air system.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

This project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 32 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.



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