Prototype to Production: Modular Battery Platform Project for California Critical Infrastructure

This project will scale-up manufacturing for a dedicated, modular battery platform for critical infrastructure (initially targeting telecommunication towers) and make it possible for the manufacturing to be in California.

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Project Status

Project Update

Within the last two years, Caban Systems improved its manufacturing capability from a prototype line to manufacturing low-rate initial production. Additionally, Caban Systems has identified and purchased all required capital equipment (CTL, laser welder, etc.), completed all UN certifications, begun processing required UL certifications and successfully stayed ahead of the project schedule. Caban Systems will continue to focus on scaling production to reach full manufacturing capacity, growing sales and customer pipeline, completing UL testing and certification as well as research and develop its operational technology for a more efficient product line.

The Issue

California IOU ratepayers are increasingly vulnerable to power outages due to electrical equipment and infrastructure failures, brownouts, wildfires, earthquakes, severe storms and landslides. This makes it imperative to accelerate the deployment of energy storage solutions for critical communication infrastructure to keep ratepayers safe. IOUs also need modular energy supply systems that can be deployed quickly to communities during extended power outages and after natural disasters. This illuminates the need to scale-up production and deployment of reliable, modular energy storage platforms for life-saving, fossil-fuel-free, backup power for critical infrastructure.

Project Innovation

This project will scale-up manufacturing for a dedicated, modular battery platform for critical infrastructure (initially targeting telecommunication towers) and make it possible for the manufacturing to be in California. The high-energy-density battery pack has best-of-class battery management and control software to remotely meter, monitor, and control the units. The battery platform is designed for fire resiliency and will withstand extreme temperatures. In combination with onsite renewable energy, the equipment can bring a cell tower under environmental distress back online. In case of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), the platform can power telecommunication systems and critical infrastructure for hours or days, restoring communication immediately after a fire, no matter the damage to the grid infrastructure or power lines. The modular battery platform also can be used as a pop-up energy source to be quickly deployed to disaster areas to restore electricity for lights, water, heating, and cooling.

Project Benefits

This project will lead to technological advancement and breakthroughs to overcome barriers to the achievement of the State of California's Statutory Energy Goals by accelerating the production of an emerging, best-of-class energy storage technology that will improve public safety, lower costs, and reduce emissions. Ratepayers rely on critical infrastructure for connectivity to keep communication during power outages often related to wildfires and severe weather events. Currently, critical infrastructure, including telecom base stations, radio signal towers, and cell phone towers rely heavily on fossil fuel-powered generators for back-up power. To maintain communication during outages, there is an immediate need to scale-up production for a clean-energy storage platform that can provide services to critical infrastructure during outages.

Lower Costs


The project will lower costs for IOUs, hence ratepayers too, by reducing the need for grid extensions to critical infrastructure in remote locations.

Economic Development

Economic Development

The project expects to create 21 new, direct, living-wage jobs in California through the scale-up of their manufacturing facility.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

The project will provide environmental benefits by reducing or eradicating the need for diesel- and gas-powered back-up generators for critical infrastructure.

Greater Reliability


The project will scale-up production of a modular battery platform that will increase the reliability of life-saving, critical infrastructure during power outages and peak grid hours.

Increase Safety


The project will help increase safety by providing a modular battery platform that can be used as a pop-up energy source for communities when the grid is offline.

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Alexandra Rasch

CEO & Founder
Caban Systems INC

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