Stasis Energy Group Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) for Packaged HVAC Systems

Stasis Energy Group LLC


Pomona, CA

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The Issue

"]California's climate goals will require reduction of peak period electric usage, and reducing energy use in existing buildings will

Project Innovation

This project supports the deployment and demonstration of Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) in packaged HVAC systems at ten commercial buildings, more than half of which are located in disadvantaged or low-income communities. Stasis Energy Group will demonstrate peak shifting performance of its TESS across a wide range of roof-top unit types, climate zones and buildings. This solution is intended to be easily and economically installed or retrofitted into existing packaged HVAC systems to provide a cost-effective solution. In addition, the proposed technology aims to reduce utility bills for building owners, promote grid resilience by shifting electricity load away from peak hours, and to improve the payback period.

Project Goals

Demonstrate 60%+ reduction in peak summer cooling energy demand
Demonstrate 5-year payback to business owner
Demonstrate occupant comfort satisfaction and year-round performance of technology with third-party verification of data

Project Benefits

This project supports development of a first-of-its-kind thermal energy storage system technology. The project will target a hard-to-reach segment of electricity usage, 4-9 pm, when energy demand is high and rene

Lower Costs


The proposed technology is intended to lower electricity costs of business owners by shifting their use out of peak periods, as well. The Recipient’s TESS should be capable of a wide range of energy shifting configurations to meet regional rate plans and grid challenges. It can save businesses electric bill expenses through reduced demand charges based on peak kW usage and by shifting kWh usage into lower priced periods.

Greater Reliability


The product aims to simplify the challenge facing grid operators by increasing use of daytime renewable energy and reducing use of late-afternoon and evening ramp-up energy, thus reducing the risk of energy shortages, Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPSs), brownouts, and blackouts.

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