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The project developed a standard methodology for conducting field demonstrations to better inform enhanced energy codes and standards. The project results, the development of CASE-QDP Assessment Reports, a model for development of energy efficiency reports. The methodology was published in November 2014 in the Illuminating Engineering Society's LD+A magazine. The project also included the following assessment: [br/][br/]-Energy and Water Efficient Commercial Clothes Washers using Polymer Bead Technology, confirmed that technology reduced energy use by 60% but high cost of system is a major barrier; [br/][br/]-Post Assessment of California Advanced Lighting Control Training Program Installed Lighting Control Systems, showed that using trained and certified installation staff resulted in 10% lower cost; [br/][br/]-Assessments of Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Evaluation of Field Acceptance Test Requirements.

The Issue

The Energy Commission's research program funds technology research, development, and demonstration. Funds provide a valuable mechanism for research teams to transfer energy efficiency ideas, designs, and prototypes into real-world energy saving products and Codes and Standards enhancements. These activities form a foundational building block in California's efforts to achieve its energy reduction goals. However, activities may be expanded to better support statewide Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) efforts.

Project Innovation

This project developed a detailed demonstration and assessment program for Energy Commission sponsored and other related building energy efficiency technologies. The CASE-Quality Demonstration Program (CASE-QDP) provides a complete, robust data set on key energy efficient technologies, and how this data set can be used in CASE. The CASE-QDP can be utilized over the long term to ensure that research, development, and demonstration activities have a consistent and rigorous pathway to inform and positively affect future California CASE activities.

Project Benefits

The CASE- QDP demonstrates energy efficient building technology via a robust, complete assessment, in order to inform California codes and standards activities. The CASE- QDP will bridge the gap between small, pilot scale technology demonstrations and broad, market transformation programs currently supported by the Energy Commission and others. These assessment will produce complete and detailed technology reports that may be used by the Energy Commission, utilities and other stakeholders as part of their codes and standards initiatives.

Lower Costs


Improving codes and standards will result in overall decrease in energy use and reduction in utility bills for all ratepayers. Energy savings from this research project are estimated between 1% to 2% above and beyond projected energy savings from existing codes and standards. This will translate to more than 750 million therms, 10 MW and 30 GWh saved annually starting from 2019.

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Regents of the University of California, Davis - California Lighting Technology Center


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Regents of the University of California, Davis - California Lighting Technology Center


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