Evaluation of Long Duration Energy Storage Technologies


Sandia National Laboratories


Livermore, CA

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The proposed work of this agreement involves performing the critical evaluation of different energy storage technologies to assist CEC in the implementation of demonstration projects as a part of the clean energy initiative.

Sandia National Labs will develop methodology to quantify the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with energy storage and develop software tools for this work using California Air Resources Board (CARB) suggested approaches for quantification. This will support LDES projects that leverage Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds (GGRF) to meet the funding's requirements.

Working closely with CEC, Sandia National Labs will gather information on various LDES projects in CA for analysis. Sandia National Labs will assist CEC staff in the critical evaluation of the various energy storage technologies, their safety aspects, and evaluation of the providers of demonstration projects in CA.

Sandia National Labs will also review energy storage analysis work and help optimize the analysis tools. They will participate in the DOE-LDES consortium to shape policies and share best practices for wider adaptation of LDES in the US.

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Ramesh Koripella

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