Hyper Efficient Pump Motor Unit with Fully Integrated Permanent Magnet Motor and Motor Controls with Combined Liquid Cooling

Efficient Pump Motor Unit with Fully Integrated Permanent Magnet Motor.

Terzo Power Systems, LLC.


El Dorado Hills, CA

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Project Update

The project is complete and the final meeting was held in April 2020. The recipient demonstrated that its novel Hyper Efficient Pump Motor Unit can achieve an energy reduction of up to 80%, depending on the specific industry application. The integration of an efficient permanent magnet motor, efficient motor controller, and integrated liquid cooling loop along with embedded intelligence enabled the significant energy reduction, while also leading to a more compact and lighter weight system compared to traditional hydraulic systems. Final report submitted to publications 11/2020. Terzo is marketing to and seeking funding from venture capital funds.

The Issue

The greatest barrier to the adoption of current energy saving technology in hydraulic power systems in industrial sites is high cost and long break-even period. This barrier has not been addressed due to the research and development costs associated with integrating the newest, highest efficiency technology.

Project Innovation

During this project, Terzo Power Systems developed an economical and efficient configuration for a novel hydraulic power system with large scale integration and adoption of highly efficient liquid cooled permanent magnet motors, and fully integrated, liquid cooled motor controls. Terzo Power Systems used these technologies to develop a smart hydraulic pump motor unit that can quickly be commercialized and adopted statewide by industrial facilities.

Project Benefits

The recipient's novel Hyper Efficient Pump Motor Unit developed and demonstrated during this project reduced the energy use and operating cost for hydraulic power systems by integrating an efficient permanent magnet motor, efficient motor controller, and a combined liquid cooling loop. Hydraulic power systems are found in nearly all industrial facilities.

Lower Costs


Project demonstrated an increase of hydraulic pump system efficiency by up to 80%. With 100% market penetration by 2025, energy costs can be reduced by an estimated $18,974,250 per year.

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